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ECO-LINER Gutter Lining System

A Metal and Membrane system that folds

The solutions to the effective treatment of leaking gutters are many and quite varied, from bituminised bandage applications applied to individual joints to partial or complete coating applications and the various continuous lining systems, including Aluminium and Plastic, adorning the marketplace most of which have inherent failings.

There is and has been a need for a guaranteed gutter lining solution that is economical, very quick and easy to install, will maximise the space within the gutter cavity and be totally reliable in use.

Eco-LINER fulfils these requirements with ease.

The Eco-LINER system is an economical, eco-friendly, high quality gutter lining system priced aggressively to fulfil the requirements of today’s refurbishment market designed to be problem free and used where the technical abilities of the Unifold system are not required

Quality and longevity of materials are of paramount importance and Eco-LINER is manufactured from a laminate comprising a high quality eco-friendly thermo-plastic membrane (Free of PVC), permanently pressure bonded to a galvanized and coated steel substrate that when installed provides a very rigid gutter lining, free of wind up-lift and thermal movement problems

It has a hinge system that allows ease of access and the maximization of available space within the existing gutter cavity, manufactured in easy to handle 2.8 meter lengths it is a bespoke system that will cope with almost any on site circumstances, with each unit being securely attached to the next using butt straps, small self drilling screws and sealed using a proprietary sealing tape that provides a permanently sealed joint.


Essential Accessories

The system has a range of accessories necessary to cope with existing gutter conditions

Manufacturing Details

Ampteam will manufacture from details provided by the contractor/client from site and will supply a sample to ensure correct fit. These are normally available within 48hours of notification of site details and are free of charge.

Site survey templates are available on request so the correct information in every circumstance is relayed to Ampteam for manufacturing/sample processes to commence.

Gutter Calculations/ Improvement of existing Gutter Capacities

Eco-LINER is capable of increasing gutter capacities and improving flow characteristics of the original gutter by various means should the existing system have specific problems. Consultation with Ampteam Technical Department can provide the guidance necessary including gutter calculations to BS EN 12056-3:2000 Gravity Drainage inside Buildings, Part 3: Roof Drainage, Layout and Calculation.


Ampteam Limited warrants the materials and manufacture of Eco-LINER for a period of 25 years.

Technical Note:

Eco-LINER is a derivative of Unifold; however, it is intended to be a product for simple, straightforward installations that can easily be surveyed by others. Should the installation be of a technical nature requiring Ampteam personnel to survey, then the Unifold Gutter lining system must be chosen as the lining system to be used.

Patent Numbers:
GB2313385 GB2376481

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