Health & Saftey Policy Statement

It is the policy of Ampteam Ltd to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of our employees whilst they are at work, and also the health and safety of our temporary workers, plus any others who may be affected by our undertakings.

It is Ampteam’s intention to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and to educate our employees in order to achieve an accident free workplace.

Ampteam Ltd will endeavour to:

  • Provide and maintain working environments without risk to health and safety
  • Set standards that comply with all relevant statutory requirements relating to health, safety and the environment with regard to their effect on employees, customers, contractors and the public.
  • Safeguard employees and others from foreseeable hazards with regard to health, safety or the environment in existing processes and working systems.
  • Ensure that when new substances, plant, machinery, equipment, processes or premises are introduced, adequate guidance, instruction and supervision will be provided for safe methods of work to be developed.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of their own responsibilities in respect of relevant health, safety and environmental matters.
  • Aim to achieve the commitment and active involvement of all staff, in order that safety awareness and positive attitudes are fostered and continuous efforts made to improve safety performance.
  • Ensure that contractors carrying out work are informed of relevant standards, are trained in procedures necessary, and that systems are established for monitoring compliance, without detracting from the contractors’ legal responsibilities, to ensure that requirements are met.
  • Promote good health and be concerned with the prevention of occupational and non-occupational disorders and diseases using health counselling and health education.
  • Co-operate with appropriate authorities and technical organisations, both to ensure that policies are updated and to contribute to the formulation of standards and means of compliance.
  • Retain and review as necessary, our health and safety measures.


Managing Director

Date:  2nd May 2007